Southwest Solutions
1920 25th Street

Detroit, MI 48216
Telephone: 313.841.3727

Contact: Ken Korejwo
Phone: 313.297.1312

Contact: Laltsha Cunningham
Phone: 313.297.1312

If you have questions about the Housing Investment Trust (HIT):
Contact: Katie Rosenthal, Communications Director
Phone: 202.331.8055

8 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. Arthur Hoerig Jr says:

    Good Morning,
    I am a Licensed Mechanical Contractor.
    State of Michigan.
    Would this Program have any room, with the abilities, I can offer.

    Thank You

  2. Tracy Knox says:

    I’m interested in becoming a first-time home buyer; and would love to know what programs I might qualify for.

  3. Wanda Meeks says:

    I am a disabled person who would love to become involved with your program. I live in Rochester Hills but would prefer to come back to the city I grew up in. I’m planning to put my house on the market this year. How can I become eligible for on of the homes you are rehabbing?

  4. Robyn Helms says:

    What if I may not need down payment assistance? I also heard that the buyer is responsible for any past bills-prop. tax/water, etc.

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