Building Detroit Futures is operated by the Michigan Building and Construction Trades Council and Southwest Solutions' Southwest Housing Corporation (a nonprofit housing entity established in 1996).

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Southwest Solutions

Southwest Solutions commitment to providing quality and affordable housing to people in need dates back to 1979. We firmly believe that decent housing is a precondition of individual, family and community well-being.

Southwest Housing Solutions is the largest multifamily developer in southwest Detroit. We are replacing blight and abandonment with residential and commercial assets, strategically developed to anchor and spur neighborhood revitalization.

Our development projects are transforming the area we serve. We are a mission-based organization, and our mission is to build community through a compassionate, enterprising and collaborative spirit.

Michigan Building and Construction Trades Council

The Michigan Building and Construction Trades Council supports the interests of nearly 100,000 construction workers in the State of Michigan. We work in several important areas:

Membership strength is the best way of meeting union goals for acceptable wages and benefits, job security and dignity, workplace safety and maintaining a strong political voice. That’s why the Council assists its affiliate unions in efforts to organize unrepresented workers. We conduct seminars to keep union organizers abreast of the latest methods and techniques for recruitment.

Work-related injuries and illnesses costs the nation billions of dollars in salary and other compensation every year, not to mention the impact on the workers and their loved ones. That’ s why the MBCTC spearheads cooperative labor-management efforts to ensure the safety and health of all construction workers. We implement safety and health training programs, develop and distribute safe-work information and remain politically active in the effort to make or retain laws and regulations that increase workplace security.

Thousands of apprentices learn their craft and countless journey-level workers upgrade their skills and undergo specialized training in the newest technologies through programs sponsored by MBCTC affiliate members. Labor and management in the organized construction industry in Michigan have invested millions of dollars in state-of-the-art facilities and educational curricula and materials.

The Council pursues legislative action and awareness on matters that affect our members. This can include economic development and project funding; job training; retirement planning; and such day-to-day concerns as workplace health and safety, workers’ rights and the payment of prevailing wages.

MSBCTC utilizes a range of marketing and communications materials to keep union members and the general public informed. These include a bimonthly newspaper, The Building Tradesman, and various newsletters, special publications and videos.

MSBCTC and its affiliated building trades groups and members have raised more than $200,000 for diabetes research. Other causes that benefit from the generosity of Michigan’s organized construction industry include Habitat for Humanity, Heat’s On, Christmas in April and the Children’s Miracle Network. We also construct camps for Scouts and the physically and mentally challenged.

AFL-CIO Housing Investment Trust

The American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations Housing Investment Trust ("HIT" or the "Trust") is an open-end, commingled investment company, commonly called a mutual fund. Its portfolio is internally managed and consists primarily of high credit quality fixed-income securities. The HIT is also one of the earliest and most successful practitioners of socially responsible, economically targeted investing, with a record that demonstrates the added value derived from union-friendly investments.

The HIT takes great pride in its history of investing union pension capital to achieve competitive risk-adjusted returns while also pursuing socially responsible objectives important to working men and women. Those social benefits include expanding the supply of affordable housing, creating family-supporting union jobs, opening doors to homeownership for working families, and revitalizing communities where union members live and work. In pursuing these social benefits, the HIT is able to help stimulate employment and promote economic recovery as it is doing with its Construction Jobs Initiative.

The HIT was first registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission in 1981 and, as the successor to the AFL-CIO Mortgage Investment Trust (MIT), builds on a history of nearly 50 years of socially responsible investing on behalf of union members and their pension plans. The establishment of the MIT was approved by the AFL-CIO General Board in 1964, and in a letter to affiliated unions, AFL-CIO President George Meany encouraged unions to invest in the MIT.

Our Partners

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